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Membership Dues

For our chapter compatriots to remain in good standing with chapter, state and national, these rules are in place.

  • The State President sets the state dues which are $20. The national dues are $50. The chapter dues are $25 for a total of $95.  Note:  These are subject to change.

  • The Chapter President sends all members the date for dues payment to the Treasurer and his address.  Please submit dues prior to November 1st.  

  • Database with members complete information - address, telephone, email address, state, and national number, and amount due - to be maintained by chapter. The Chapter Treasurer will make payment to State and National after receipt of payment by member. Life Members and Qualified Members for certain exemptions are included.

  • Please submit checks made payable to the Godfrey Dreher Chapter and mail to the Treasurer.  All checks are copied for safety before being deposited.

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